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Cutest Little Texan Mystery Earring

From ASHES Jewelry and Accessories

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This purchase is for one pair of mystery earrings. All proceeds (minus shipping cost) will be donated to our friends in Texas.

As most know Texas experienced a winter storm that they were ill prepared for. Too many people were without power and water on the coldest days. Many, many people still are and some had so much damage to their homes that they cannot return. Our friends are experiencing this currently. They, along with their little girl, are currently living in a hotel room until they can begin cleanup of the damaged home (last update said weeks just to meet with insurance and file a claim).

We are helping to support our friends in the best way we know how.... Jewelry!

Each pair of earrings is $10 +shipping. The $10 will be donated directly to this little cutie and her parents to help cover expenses until fema and insurance kicks in. The earrings will be shipped directly to you 😁

We greatly appreciate your love, kindness, and support 💜